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Home Cleaning Services Singapore

A-Cube Microsystems is an established mid-priced, quality and performance based house cleaning company that gives you value for money house cleaning services in Singapore. We are not the cheapest house cleaning services company, because we do not believe in cutting corners by offering lower prices. We do not price our services the highest as a house cleaning company as well, because we want to give our clients a reasonable home cleaning services price. Our pre-move in cleaning, spring cleaning, and post-renovation cleaning supervisor is strict to ensure that the quality of the home cleaning services are acceptable.

Spring Cleaning - Housekeeping Services

House Cleaning Services

Our spring cleaning services include HEPA vacuuming, floor mopping and a thorough cleaning of the whole apartment. The air coming out of our HEPA vacuum cleaner is more purified than the air that enters the vacuum cleaner. This means we are also purifying the air in your house while vacuuming, purifying it by up to 99.9%.  Higher quality liquid cleaners which meet industry standards and are safe to health are used in our post-renovation cleaning and pre-move in house cleaning services. 

One Time House Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services

Be careful of cleaning companies that charge a low price for one-time house cleaning, pre-move in cleaning, post-renovation cleaning or spring cleaning services. Some companies cut corners by paying their part-time home cleaning workers a lower pay and their home cleaning services may not include house cleaning equipment and solutions. A lower paid worker may have lower morale, performance and bad or dishonest behavior. Thus you get what you pay for most of the time. On the other end are home cleaning companies that charge high and unreasonable prices for their home cleaning services in Singapore. It is not necessary to pay more than 350 dollars to get your 5 room flat or a thousand dollars to get your 3 storey private house cleaned. All the big fancy vans, grand uniforms and higher number of workers can be dispensed with. All these are hidden house cleaning costs passed on to consumers. What you wish is your apartment cleaned by a professional house cleaning team. The results are what that matter.

Pre-Move In Cleaning, Post-Renovation Cleaning

Post-Renovation Cleaning

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